Build A Snowman With Your Child (Using Kitchen Items For a Pattern)

This is a snowman that almost anyone can complete on a snowy afternoon with their child, or even alone, for fun.

I created it because there is nothing like making a memory and masterpiece with your child on a cold, snowy day.

My original plan was much more elaborate and would require special purchases, so I decided to create something from the everyday things around my house instead of spending money and adventuring out in the cold.

This adorable project just needs scrap paper, dishes and utensils found in most kitchens plus lots of imagination.

Building A Snowman Using Kitchen Supplies For a Pattern

Supplies needed:



Pen or Pencil

Brown, Black and Orange Scrap Paper

3 White sheets of paper  We used everyday copy paper.

Building A Snowman Using Kitchen Supplies Supply Pic

For tracing:




Small Plate

1 TSP Round Measuring Spoon (Eyes)

Small Square Container (narrower at bottom)

Square Measuring Cup (For mouth)


1. Begin by tracing bowl, saucer, mini plate, 1 small square and 2 larger squares on white paper.

Building a Snowman Using Kitchen Supplies Body, Teeth & Feet

2. Trace two forks onto brown scrap paper for arms.

3. Trace scissor handles onto orange paper and then extend to a point before cutting.

Building a Snowman Using Kitchen Supplies Nose & Arms

4. Trace 3 Narrow Side Squares onto Black Paper

5. Trace 2 measuring spoon circles onto black paper.

6. Eyebrows can be drawn or cut free hand.

7. Trace oval end of measuring cup for mouth.

Building a Snowman Using Kitchen Supplies

8. Cut out all patterns

9. Assemble body

10. Add arms and feet

11. Let your child rearrange the face and buttons until satisfied.

12. For a more personal touch have your child write his/her name and year on the buttons.

13. Enjoy your memory making masterpiece.

Building A Snowman Using Kitchen Supplies For a Pattern

Please feel free to share a photo of your completed project with us below.

We love to hear from you!

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