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Timesaving Tuesday #3: Spinning Shoe Rack

Spinning Shoe Rack

How many of you struggle with bending over to pick up your shoes?  Or even finding their mates?  This spinning shoe rack is not only pretty but super practical for reducing the pain and stress caused by storing them on the floor or in a box.

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Timesaving Tool #2-Collapsible Baskets

Time Saving Tools Tuesday #2

Collapsible Baskets

Welcome to week #2 of Time Saving Tools Tuesday.


Today, I want to share the “tool” everyone in our house uses and loves.  Collapsible baskets.  Yep, small inexpensive, collapsible baskets.

We use them for everything and have them in almost every room of our home; for now, I want to share why we love them and why we own over 30 of these in various shapes and sizes.  Later this week, we will share the multiple ways we use them every single day.

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Roomba-Timesaving Tool Tuesday #1

While I have been battling my ever increasing physical limitations, I have come to realize how much I truly depend on tools, tricks, and family to help me accomplish everyday tasks.  I have decided that I should stop being selfish and share those tools and tips with you, every Tuesday.  Hopefully they will empower you as much as they do me.

Today, I want to introduce you to my best friend Robbie the Roomba.

Robbie is both my best friend and my nemesis rolled into one little round robot, please keep that in mind as you read this post.

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