Controlling the Chaos-Day 3

Welcome to Controlling the Chaos-Day 3

Controlling the Chaos Day 3 Weekly Checklist

Today we begin the journey to not only decluttering and organizing but taking control and preventing the clutter, chaos, stress and disorganization each new week can bring.

How are we going to do that?

By creating a weekly checklist.

Sit down with yourself and other housemates and make a note of what items need to be completed on a weekly basis.

We recently implemented the checklist below and we love having it.

  • My daughters can check off each item as they complete it.
  • Hubby can look at it and not bother me about what needs done when I am in the middle of blogging or counseling a friend (this tends to make me short tempered).
  •   It has decreased the stress of wondering whether or not a task was finished and when.
  •  It has saved countless dollars and frustrating moments at the checkout.   (Expired coupons are gone and new ones are in their place.)
  • It has gained us dollars we would have otherwise wasted by missing the cut off to scan receipts for credit.


Because my favorite line is “I’ll do it later.”

Having a checklist everyone can see helps me be accountable to complete my tasks on time and with purpose.

We try to complete our checklist on Saturday or Sunday of each week (besides business calls) because my husband is home and can handle his portion of the physical activities (and mine when necessary).

You can choose to complete your activities throughout the week or all in one day.   The choice is yours BUT I promise a checklist will help.

Confession:  We have been slowly adding to the weekly (& monthly) checklist as we think of items we want to accomplish each week but seem to forget.

To view the original weekly & monthly checklist click here.

Additional items you may want to include are backpack check, homework check, grade check, wash uniform, pack uniform, lay out school clothes, etc…

Remember this is a checklist not a work order.   Some weeks these items may not need done or can wait if needed.   The ideas of creating a weekly checklist is not to add to your stress and chaos but reduce it.

I, personally, have found that I enjoy and have been making notes of items to add (I will share an updated version soon, I promise.)

How are you doing with the “Controlling the Chaos” program so far?

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