Controlling the Clutter Challenge Days 38-44 Digital Clutter

COntrolling the Chaos Challenge Days 38-44 Digital Clutter

Controlling the Clutter Challenge

Days 38-44

Digital Clutter

Day 38-Weekly Checklist ( You may notice this is evolving as you add to it or find yourself completing task each day instead of waiting until the end of the month.

Days 39 & 40-Delete, Sort and Unsubscribe and Respond to Emails.   If you tackled all this last week YAY for you.   If not take this time to work on wrapping it up.

Day 41-Clean off your computer desktop screen.   You know all those icons you have save on the home screen?   Sort them, file them, delete them, organize them.    I can’t speak for all of you but mine is FULL and it drives hubby nuts.   Most of them can be deleted but I need to take the time to do it properly.   Today is the Day!   

This is my before shot.

Computer Desktop Before-Controlling the Clutter Challenge

Day 42- Purge, Sort and Organize Your Documents-You know, all those pesky files you have to search your computer for or that you typed up and needed that month but no longer need, after all it has been ten years.

Day 43-Join your medical provider and hospital online medical systems-Due to our illness this may take me a few days but it will allow the separate hospitals to access our records more efficiently and get info immediately if we have another episode with my daughter or we are ever in an accident and they need to know how truly special our bodies are.

Day 44-Decluter and clean top of your desk or work area.-This doesn’t mean hide it in a drawer or box but clean it off, dust your keyboard, give it a nice swipe with a rag.   I know this isn’t digital clutter but I enjoy seeing visible improvement it keeps me motivated so we threw some in today.

Controlling the Chaos Challenge Day 44- A Clear Clean Desk

How are you progressing in “Controlling the Chaos”?

Please feel free to share below.

  Bloggers feel free to share links to show your progress as well.

Do you want to hear more about how “Controlling the Chaos” and decluttering our home has changed our lives. Check out this very personal story I shared recently.

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