Dual Sided Decorating Blocks

How many of you like to decorate for every holiday but do not have the space to store everything?

  These DIY dual sided decorating blocks are perfect for multiple uses and can be created for any combination of holidays.

DIY Dual Sided Decorating Blocks

Supplies Needed:

Various sizes of 2×4 scrap lumber.  We cut ours to be 5 1/2 in, 7 in, and 9 in.  You can choose what works best for you.

Stain (old rag to stain with)

Sand paper

Acrylic Paint- We used Ceramcoat Barn Red, Midnight Blue & Ivory on the “God Bless America/Jesus is the Reason” set.

Paint Brushes (I use the foam brush to cover a thicker area more quickly.)

Sealant (I prefer Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Non-Yellowing Satin.)

Ribbon or material to “tie”  it all together

Accents (I chose to use rustic leaves for the fall set and nothing on the “Patriotic/Christmas set”.)

As you can see from the photos below, I began this project not knowing which accents I would use until the paint and ribbon were applied.

To achieve the look we have here.  Simply round the edges of each block (you can use a router if you have one), sand smooth, then stain.  If you look closely, you will see that these boards are actually very, very scrap lumber.  The wood has dings, holes, etc… in them.

If you read much of my website you will find that I don’t believe in wasting, so when it came time to create these block stacks I went out to the literal scrap pile and gathered some wood.

(For those of you who are wondering- No, I don’t use rough lumber on my business selling site unless it is otherwise specified.)

After the stain is completely dry, choose the colors you wish to use and paint each block on all 4 sides accordingly.  (This may take a few coats to achieve a solid look.)

Stack plain blocks- Centering as you go.  Flip onto one side so that the side you are painting the words on is facing up.  Once centered, begin painting words starting at the top block and working your way down, continuing to center as you go.

When COMPLETELY dry, flip and paint the opposite side with the opposing words.

Allow to dry, then coat with sealant.  For indoor items for my home I only add one solid coat of sealant.

When dry, center the ribbon/material around blocks and tie securely.  (You can glue the blocks together, but I do not).  To create the “bow” you see on the “Happy Fall/Give Thanks” Set I tied the ribbon around the blocks separately and then added a “bow” on top using hot glue.  It was SO much easier than trying to tie a pretty bow AND kept the blocks straight.

Add any accent item with hot glue gun.

Front and back of the Patriotic/Christmas

Dual Sided Decorating Blocks

Front and back of the Happy Fall/Give Thanks

Dual Sided Decorating Blocks


I hope to be creating more of these as well as some different space saving decor items as the year progresses.

If you have created these or something similar, PLEASE share.  We love to see how our photos and ideas inspired you.

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