Just Make Do Challenge-Day 15-The Freezer

Today we are purging and organizing the freezer.

Just Make Do Challenge 2016 Day 15

Our freezer door Day 1 & Day 12


If you have been “Just Making Do”  for the past 14 days this process should be MUCH easier today than it was on Day One.

I know for me I just straightened the baskets for these blog photos and added the labels I created over three months ago.  (They aren’t perfect so I was procrastinating using them but our theme isn’t The ART of PERFECTION it is “Just Make DO”, “Control the Chaos” and “No Spend 2016“).

I do need to confess that after the first of these photos were taken on December 29th we purchase around 50 lbs of chicken at $1.49/lb  because, as I mentioned before, it is the only meat my eldest daughter can eat and we were almost out.

Labelled Baskets Day 12

When I shared this photo on social media several people inquired about the baskets.

I purchased the baskets as soon as we received the freezer (God bless my inlaws- I prayed about a freezer but wasn’t ready to purchase one when we got a message asking if we would like to inherit their used garage freezer.  Um, yes, ABSOLUTELY!)  

To me trying to store meat packages on the shelf seemed like it would be a losing battle so I went to our local Walmart and purchased the baskets for under $5.00 each.  They are pretty solid baskets to hold up to the cold and abuse we put them through but I have seen similar (less sturdy) ones at the Dollar Tree that would probably work.

All six baskets cost us less than $30 I have an organized freezer and much less chaos when it is time to thaw supper or make a shopping list.

The labels are actually the decorative packaging to some sticker labels I used on other items in our home.   They seemed the perfect size, were pretty and made from a sturdy cardboard (and FREE).    I used garden twist ties to fasten them to the baskets so that we can change them as our food choices evolve.

Anyway, enough about the organization, here is a peek inside the baskets and the progress we have made “Just Making Do” with eating from the freezer.


Just Make Do Challenge -Day 15 -The Freezer

Shelf 1

Fruit, Cheese and Chicken Baskets Day 1 & Day 12These are the snacks (home packed fruit and bulk cheese) and chicken (not the bulk chicken I purchased on sale.  It is in the bottom or in storage containers on top because I already cooked it for my daughter to toss into salads, tacos, etc…)

Shelf 2

Just Make Do Challenge Veggie Baskets Day 1 & Day 12

As you can see we are a bit slower at consuming the frozen veggies but we are making progress.

The baggies contain sliced and diced peppers from our garden and onions from the store.

We freeze the diced onions or peppers in designated ice cube trays and then transfer them to baggies to drop in soups, omelets, recipes, etc…


Beef and Pork Baskets Day 1 & Day 12Our pork and beef baskets are dwindling quickly and I cant wait to refill them with non-processed fresh meat.

Tomorrow I will share the top and bottom shelf as well as the freezer drawer attached to our refrigerator.

Due to paycheck spacing I am hoping to drag our “Just Make Do January” out until February 5th and with eating chicken every other night I believe we can do it, but it make take some true creativity.


How are you “Just Making Do”?

Can you see results in your freezer?

Did you find any UFO’s (Unidentified Frozen Objects)?

I can’t say that we did but this embarrassing moment with our cabinets was enough.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Some zoos and wildlife shelters will except freezer burnt meat so PLEASE keep that in mind as you are cleaning out your freezer.  Give yours a call and see if you can donate to a good cause.

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