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Just Make Do Get Organized

Days 9, 10, 11, 12

Get Organized!

I apologize for not checking in the last few days but I promise we have been sticking to our “Just Make Do January”.

With the exception of my daughter and I eating “to go” meals on our all day trip to the doctor and out of town shopping, we have been “making do”.   We are so committed we even packed drinks and snacks for our trip and spent less than $27 total combined despite spending almost five hours at the mall.

On Thursday I refilled our cereal containers, sugar, supplies, etc… then checked the fridge for any “outdated” leftovers.   I am thrilled to say it was not harboring any outdated fugitives and you can definitely see the difference in our pantry and cabinets.

Hopefully, you can see the difference as well and are taking steps to organize the remaining items to make shopping from your cabinets easier.  As you are using up your supplies start considering what you would like your cabinets to look like.  Which items make the most sense on which shelf?   How many should you actually keep in the kitchen and how many should be kept in the overflow cabinet?

I am looking forward to the day I can have labeled, organized, fresh food for homemade desserts and meals in our cabinets, not a bunch of preservatives and pre-processed foods.  (I am already plotting how this will work & the best part is I don’t have to feel guilty about wasting food to accomplish it.)

So far this week the meals are still good and not too creative.  They have included roast and potatoes, smoked sausage and macaroni and cheese (we have an abundance of this), turkey burgers, french toast and prepackaged very spicy pulled pork.    The rest of this week should include chicken tacos, tuna salad, smoothies, bacon and eggs, pasta with homemade sauce (this is something we haven’t tried before but I have a freezer full of fresh tomato juice form our garden) two more chicken dishes and of course leftovers.

I must admit we are starting to feel the crunch of saying no.

I am craving M&M’s (which I thought we had three bags of but discovered instead it was Hershey’s kisses with almonds which I can’t have), and my daughter wants vanilla ice cream but so far we have managed to resist the urge.  We have tons of other desserts and snacks in the house so we will not starve but I am realizing how spoiled we have become, running out and buying every little thing we get the urge for.

But with the savings so far this month I was able to pay one new medical bill in full without putting a pinch on the rest of the budget. 

For additional tips on ways to save check out our “Ways We Saved This Week” Series where we share a list of some the ways we save and earn money each week.


 Are you sticking to the “Just Make Do” Philosophy?

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