Secret Project Reveal #3

Secret Reveal Project #3

My Favorite part yet.

Blank Pegboard Secret Reveal Project #3

Yes! We have pegboard.

Bright, Beautiful, White Pegboard.


And by now I imagine you have guessed what I intend to use it for.

Secret Reveal Project #3 Pegboard in Transition

You guessed it!


Only one problem.

Have you ever tried to organize a pegboard with random items when you have O.C.D.?

It isn’t easy.

I will not tell you how many times I have rearranged the pegs and the products trying to make it pleasing to the eye.

I finally gave up and decided to simply work with the products I have because

Hey, I am a crafter and my supplies change like the wind depending on what deals I find so this time next year it will probably look quite different.

Pegboard In Transition Photo #4 Secret Reveal Project #3

If you look closely you can see that each peg has a variety of items hanging from it.   After a LOT of trial and error I realized that in order to see everything I had at a glance it was a necessity.

I often walk downstairs and just glance around for inspiration then grab whatever I see.   You can understand why having things visible is important to me.

I also worked on organizing the counter and storage space underneath.

I love it!

You can see the progression as I worked at getting everything purge and organized.   It certainly wasn’t a one day event.

It seemed like everyday I was adding “discovered” items to the pile.   Just as I would think I was finished “discovering” all my “hidden” craft stashes I would find another one.

I had crafts in a tote under my bed, the top of my closet, the hall closet, the craft room, garage, office, office closet and the shelf in the living room.    Just as I thought I had found a home for everything I would have to “rethink” my strategy to make everything fit nicely.

Each box you see was COMPLETELY emptied, purged, repacked and clearly labeled for optimum storage.

This is where I confess some items have been transferred to three or four different containers until I found the perfect one.

I suppose while I am at it I should also confess that this is by far the most expensive project I have EVER under taken.   I have repurposed, reused and upcycled as many items as I could but this part of this project alone cost more than I had hoped to spend in total but I LOVE the results.

Craft Room Organization Under the Counter

I will break down the total cost in the final reveal.

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