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Grandpa- A Poem for an Amazing Man

Grandpa Poem

I wrote this poem shortly before my grandfather’s anticipated passing and decided to share it on the one year anniversary of his death.  It doesn’t even begin to share the love, guidance and faith he provided our family with, but it did give me a way to vent my emotions during a trying time.  There isn’t a day goes by that Grandpa doesn’t come to mind, visit my dreams or whisper in my ear (not always so quietly).  He was a an important part of my life and left his mark on so many, in both our family and community.  I realize this is a bit off the path of my usual posts, but this post and poem were written for me and anyone who knew him and wants to remember him and the AMAZING man he was.

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Missing You This Year- Grandad

My “Text” To Grandad

Missing You This Year Square

This post is nothing fancy, just something I wrote this morning after having a breakdown in my car when my hubby asked me who I was texting.

I was texting my family in Florida, but I wanted to smart-off “Heaven, so I can talk to Grandad”.

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