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Featured Friday WAHM #1 Pam H.

Week 1 Featured Friday Work at Home Mom Pam Howard

Featured Friday WAHM #1

Pam H.


Pam Howard

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Tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your business.

As a busy work at home mom of two little ones (ages 12 and 9), I know how crazy life can get – and with seventeen years of corporate America under my belt I also know how important it is to keep all the aspects of our life in balance. That’s my goal for you – to live a healthy, full and happy life!!! I work with other busy professional working moms to help them balance their health (all aspects of health), their career, their families and their lives. I want them to enjoy and LIVE each day, not just try to “get through it.”

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How One Little Planner Has Changed My Life & Businesses

Do you feel out of control? I know I used to. This one litte planner changed by life and my businesses.

IF you know much about me, or follow this blog, you know I hate to spend money on ANYTHING.  I coupon, blog, take surveys, use apps and even borrow tools and things, so that I don’t have to spend my hubby’s hard-earned money.  I also like to be super organized and on top of things, but with our hectic life it was a constant struggle day in and day out, no matter what I tried. But once I began using this amazing little planner I began feeling empowered, organized, put together and on top of things, even though, in reality, my life is even busier than it was before.

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