Control the Chaos-Day 2

Controlling the Chaos Day 2 Clear the ChristmasYesterday, we decluttered, tackled laundry and dishes and found the inspiration to start our year “in control”.

Now it is time to remove and pack up any Christmas items you may still have out including outdoor lights, trees, garland, kitchen supplies, wrapping paper, etc …

Note:  If you live in Central Illinois you may need to bring all of your outdoor items in and let them dry completely and check them to be certain they still work.  (Experience speaking here).

Please remember to start the year off right by labeling and documenting ALL totes.  (Post it notes and tape work well for this.)

Toss or repair any broken items.

If you haven’t repaired it by now you most likely never will.

Separate items you no longer need, use or want BEFORE packing them away to store for another season.   Why let items you don’t want or need take up space in your home and mind?

Take these items to the local donation center, sell online or give to family members as soon as possible.

Once again why let it take up space if you aren’t going to use it?

We let several items go at the beginning of this Christmas season that I absolutely adore but after 5 years in this house we have NEVER used them.

This included two adorable snowmen and one cute Santa draft dodger.   They were difficult to store and required a ton of maintenance because my cats love to maul them.   I know one of the families visiting our free store/community center will get much better use from these than I do.   I have two other, sophisticated, much easier to store draft dodgers that wash easily and match my home from November until March when it begins to warm up here in Illinois (most years).    Besides, we only have two outside doors.  How many draft dodgers do we need?

I will be sure to share our progress in our “Clutter Overcomers” Facebook group.   If you would like to join this closed group simply click the join button and we will add you in.

For an overview of the month of January click here.

For an overview of the year click here.



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