Controlling the Chaos Challenge-Days 10-14

COntrolling the Chaos Challenge Days 10 to 14

Controlling the Chaos Challenge-Days 10-14

Apparently I have am MUCH farther behind (in posting) for this series than I anticipated.   I have been following my calendar but I have not been sharing with you and I apologize.

I can’t say our house has been chaotic.  It has actually been quite calm (and neat) but we have been struggling with more difficult than usual health issues, which of course effects, everything.   That, in addition to the all the projects I have going, plus internet issues has definitely set me back on posting this series but enough excuses, let’s get down to business.

On Day 10-We tackled our Weekly Checklist and Anything we were unable to accomplish last week.

I am happy to say we did accomplish our weekly checklist in addition to a few other projects.

On Day 11– We tackled our “Take Action File” that we began filling with papers last week.

I must confess, I did not tackle ALL of our take action file due to the fact I could barely move on Monday because of back pain, BUT I did tackle a large amount of paperwork I needed to do for a volunteer group I work with.

On Day 12-We discussed with our families and housemates what our biggest paper problems were in 2014.

Was it

  • paying bills late?
  • Finding receipts for returns?
  • Lost school forms?
  • Lost mail?
  • Missed appointments?
  • Missed birthdays?
  • Late assignments?  Work or school?
  • Piles of paperwork?

We researched and found solutions for our problems.

On Days 13 & 14-We created solutions for our “problem areas.”

At our house it was simply adding a box for my hubby to drop mail, coupons, receipts and other important papers into so that they are not lost BEFORE I ever see them, read them, scan them or use them.   Right now it is a simple cardboard box placed on our new “charging station” because it is a central location and I am not willing to invest a lot of time and energy into making it pretty until I know that the size, dimension and location will work.

I am still trying to decide what I want to do about outgoing items.   I usually stack them on the island but since our motto is “No Chaos” and let’s face it, stacks of papers on the island breeds chaos.  I really need to find a solution.  A no cost solution.  I have a few ideas but need hubby to help since they require I mount them to wall and my arms and back aren’t strong enough.  (Hopefully, I will be able to share a photo this weekend).


Don’t forget to share with your family how the new system works.   Where do they place their forms, mail, notes, etc???   When will you check these items?


How are you doing with the “Controlling the Chaos” challenge so far?

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