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Deck Reveal 2018: Our House on The Hill

Welcome to our little oasis!  Last week, I shared a tour of our House on the Hill just before we moved in, and today I want to share our elevated deck, a.k.a. outside oasis.  We love the serenity, quiet view and country oasis our elevated deck offers.  To capitalize on that oasis, I have adapted it to fit a few of our needs, while sticking to a budget.  A very tight, budget.  You will discover during our reveal that most of the items we used to give it appeal and warm, cozy feelings are items we recently inherited, purchased second hand, received as gifts or had in our stash and cost us ZERO dollars.  How can you beat that?

During this reveal I will share how and why we created the space we have and share a few links to help you create your own.😀

I promise it was fairly simple and very inexpensive.

Let’s get started.  Shall we? Read more »

Zero Budget Scarecrow How-To



Today I want to introduce you to Front Porch Frank.  He is our newest Scarecrow and my new best friend.  He listens to my problems, doesn’t talk back and scares me every time I round the corner because I forget he’s there.  Yep, it is an entertaining sight for the neighbors I’m sure since I tend to be deep in thought and suddenly I am squealing and grabbing my heart because there is a man sitting on my front porch. This is where I confess Frank has been in the same chair, same location for well over 2 weeks so I should be used to his company, but those boots still surprise me every.single.time.
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8 Weeks To a Cleaner, More Organized Home – Getting Started

8 Weeks Getting Started

This is it!

The first step in your journey to a cleaner, more organized home!

You asked for it and you got it!

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Handpainted Stepping Stone How-to

Want to create a one of a kind gift for a parent, friend or yourself?

This hand-painted stepping stone is perfect!

Handpainted Stepping Stone How -To Read more »

Simple Tips For Decorating Your Cabinet Tops

SImple Tips for More effecitvely Decorating Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

The hard part is DONE- now comes the FUN!  DECORATING your cabinet tops.

For quick tips on deep cleaning your upper cabinets before decorating, click here.

Simple Tips For Decorating Your Cabinet Tops

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Simple Wooden Shamrock

Simple Wooden Shamrock


Simple Wooden Shamrock How-To

A week before I wanted to launch this blog I found myself in my craft room with no defined plan for St. Patrick’s Day projects so I began searching for items I could use.  I came across these chubby little hearts just waiting to be green and here we are.  A fun, versatile, easy to make Wooden Shamrock was born.

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“Kiss Me I’m Irish” St Patrick’s Day Mantel

 “KISS ME I’M IRISH” St. Patrick’s Day Mantel

Learn how to create this adorable "Kiss Me I'm Irish " St. Patrick's Day mantel in only minutes.

This fun Irish display cost less than $5.00 to make and was so simple to create.

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