Why We Have A Daily, Weekly & Monthly Checklist

Why we have a daily, weekly & monthly checklist

Have we always had a daily, weekly and monthly checklist?


I have always had a daily checklist and an ongoing to-do list that I add to daily but it wasn’t until recently I made a more thorough set of useful, printable checklists.

Why a Daily Checklist?

We have a daily checklist so that I know specific tasks are accomplished everyday to help our home flow more smoothly and be kept clean.   It also assures that important items are dealt with in a timely manner and I log in to get the most from our rewards programs.

Why a Weekly Checklist? 

Because many items I need to do can be handled once a week and if I include them on the checklist I know they are more likely to be completed (in a timely manner).  Plus, I don’t have to worry about whether or not I completed them this week.

What I have discovered as an even bigger perk is that I don’t have those items weighing on my mind everyday as more things that I “should” that day because I know I will remember to do them on checklist day.

It also serves as a reminder for the hubby to do certain things and I don’t need to feel like I am constantly nagging him.

Why a Monthly Checklist?

Because some items only need to be done once a month and need to be done on a scheduleExample: Pet medicines, flea treatments, filter changes, etc…   And as much as I would love to pretend that I can remember EVERYTHING we need to do in life, I can’t.  Not.even.close.  I need it on paper to remember to complete the task and to budget accordingly, as well.

Today I will be sharing our weekly & monthly checklist (adaptations will be made as life changes).

Do you complete your weekly checklist throughout the week or on a specific day?


My goal is to complete everything I possibly can on our “Weekly Checklist” each Sunday .

Printable Weekly Checklist

Weekly Checklist


Balance Bank Accounts
Balance Budget
Make weekly calendar of events
Fill out birthday cards
Pay Bills
Empty Phone Messages
Check “other” Facebook Messages
Delete Texts
Double Check and Adjust Menu
Start new shopping/needs list
Check new ads and coupons
Cut and File New Coupons

Complete items in the “Take Action” folder
File all items in the “file” folder
Update Medical Files (hole punch/add to event list)
Scan & Save important papers

Phone calls

Order scripts
Schedule and confirm appointments
Preregister for any procedures
Check in with loved ones


Purge Emails
Enter Coke Codes
Enter Kelloggs Codes
Enter Shutterfly Codes
Gatorade Codes
Scan receipts for Receipt Hog, Checkout 51, IBOTTA, SNAP @ Groupon, Savings Catcher and Savings Star,


Fill medicine compartments
Gather and take out ALL trash
Check dishwasher drain and unclog
Turn Compost
Fill Bird Feeders
Vacuum stairs
Clean out refrigerator
Vacuum Master Bedroom
Vacuum Kid’s Bedroom
Empty Dehumidifiers
Clean Vaporizers
Wash Sheets
Clean out vehicles
Purge/organize snack cabinet

Clean out purse, diaper bag, briefcase, backpack, gym bag


Drop off mail
Drop off donations
Exchange Library Books
Drop off recycling

Why does our weekly checklist not include any house cleaning?

Because being a stay at home wife I prefer to do our housecleaning while hubby is a work.  Yes, the vacuuming is included because my physical challenges require that my husband does a thorough job at least once a week.

Is this everything we do on a weekly basis?

No, absolutely not but it is the things I don’t want to miss on a weekly basis.

Printable Version of Monthly Checklist

Monthly Checklist


Scrub Litter Boxes
Administer Heartworm Meds
Administer Flea Treatments
Replace Furnace Filter
Clean Return Air Vents
Clear drains
Vacuum All Floor Vents and Edges of Rooms
Change oil/Check Tire Rotation
Wash Vehicle
Buy Dog Food
Complete Monthly Mass Shopping


Update Savings/Pay Down Chart
Transfer Savings into Savings
Upload Photos from ALL devices
Sort and File Photos From All Devices
Upload Photos to Shutterfly
Purge coupon File
Input monthly Purina Codes
Fill in the Monthly Calendar
Create Monthly Menu
Review bills for unnecessary fees

Take inventory of supplies, fridge, freezers and cabinets BEFORE shopping

Create a monthly shopping list based from on hand supplies, coupons, sale items and your Monthly Menu

Update Monthly Checks and Bills-Add any surprises (fundraisers, extra games, dates, repairs, etc…)



I realize many of our checklist items may not apply to you but I wanted to share how I intended to take a stand against the chaos in my brain and home before starting 2016 AND maybe motivate you towards creating your own.  If you would like to print our lists they are available in the PDF version here.

Printable Weekly Checklist

Printable Version of Monthly Checklist

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Do you have any great tips or blog links to share?

Please do so in the comments below.   We love to hear from others on ways to “Control Our Chaos” in everyday life.

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