Controlling the Chaos Days 178-208 Preparing For School

Controlling the Chaos Month 7 Preparing For SchoolControlling the Chaos  Days 178-208

This is month has been set aside to devote to preparing your home for the upcoming school year.   If you do not have school aged children you can devote it to getting your office, craft room or other area “under control”.   We have also set aside every 7 days for Weekly Maintenance and Outside Maintenance since most homes have some sort of yard or outdoor space that needs regular maintenance.

Day 178:  Monthly Checklist

Day 179:  Outside Maintenance

Day 180:  Holiday or Catch-Up

Day 181:  Holiday/Catch Up or Declutter something fun

Day 182:  Weekly checklist

Day 183:  Gather ALL Backpacks and Supplies (Old & New)

Day 184:  Empty Backpacks and Clean or Repair

Find & Try on Gym Clothes and Shoes

Day 185:  Purge, Sort and Organize Last Year’s School Papers (If you have not don’t this yet)

Day 186:  Outside Maintenance

Day 187:  Weekly Checklist

Day 188:  Gather ALL School & Office Supplies Throughout the House

Day 189:  Sort ALL Pens, Pencils & Highlighters

I love Alicia’s post at Your Vibrant Family found here.

Tip:  If you like to keep your child’s larger projects (posterboard size or smaller) use a poster storage box.

Day 190:  Sort ALL Markers, Crayons & Colored Pencils

Day 191:  Sort & Organize Math Supplies: Compasses, Calculators, Rulers, Scissors, Protractors, Graphing Paper, etc…

Day 192:  Sort & Organize Glue, Pencil Toppers, Erasers, White Out, Post it Notes, Paper Clips, Staplers, Etc…..

Bonus Tip:  If you like to have “spare” supplies on hand but do not want them to be easily lost, store them in another secure area of the home.  Example:  We have pens and pencils in our buffet upstairs for everyday access BUT we have spare containers downstairs in the office for when those break or run out.  Because they are stored NEATLY in an out of the way location I do not have to maintain them daily, weekly or monthly.

Day 193:  Outside Maintenance

Day 194:  Weekly Checklist

Day 195:  Sort & Organize New & Used Notebooks & Folders

Day 196:  Sort & Organize Locker Supplies: Shelving, Magnets, Mirrors, Dividers, Etc…

Day 197:  Label & Pack THIS Year’s School Supplies

Create a list of still needed items

Day 198:  Search Ads & Coupons for School Supply Discounts.  Discuss and plan how to handle school lunches.

Check out this great post from Slap Dash Mom.

Day 199:  Buy Needed Supplies & Clothes

Day 200:  Find or Buy Organizing Supplies

Day 201:  Weekly Checklist

Day 202:  Study After School Drop Off, Homework & Study Area Organization Ideas

Check out our Pinterest Board for some great ideas.

Day 203:  Create an After School Organization Station

Day 204:  Create a Homework Area

Day 205:  Create a Before & After School Schedule

Day 206:  Tweak Your School Supply Storage and Supplies as well as the new Drop Spots and Study Stations

Day 207:  Outside Maintenance

Day 208:  Weekly Checklist

Please note any words in blue contain links to additional information.  Please feel free to click these for more info.  I do not receive a commission from these links I simply offer them to help you understand what I am referring to.

The poster board link is an affiliate link but does not cost you anything to click.  I simply wanted to share a great way to organize your poster size projects.  We love ours….we store our extra ununsed poster board in it as well.

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