Just Make Do January-Day 1

Just Make Do January Day 1 InventoryThis is it!

The first day of our journey to better living, better food and better finances.

To start “Just Make Do January” we need to take stock.

How detailed you are in this is up to you.

We chose to be very thorough and clean and inventory every food cabinet, fridge and freezer as well as every cleaning supply, first aid item, then health and beauty bottle.

(I was feeling motivated).

We took photos of each area to document what items we had and to refer to when creating our menu.

( I found it easier to type up a list while sitting and looking at a photo than while trying to return everything to the freezer.)

I am thinking you may be surprised at the amount of “hidden” food you forgot you had.

Even if you don’t have time to inventory everything today you can still “take the pledge” to “Just Make Do In January” and shop from your cabinets instead of the store.

You will will be thrilled at the money you save, space your create and clutter you remove from your home.

Tomorrow we will share our menus (I say menus with an “S” because we create multiple meals for multiple family members and their food intolerances).

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