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Sharing Sunday #3 2015

Another wonderful week has passed at Treasured Tidbits and as always it was filled many ups and downs.

We started the week tackling the ornaments on the Christmas tree.   My son took them down (he wanted Subway and I made him earn it) and I packed them away in an organized manner the following day.  This year I “learned from Christmas past” and packed the kid’s ornaments in individual labeled boxes and bags so that next year’s decorating will run more smoothly.

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Sharing Sunday #2


Hello again!!!

From Central Illinois on a frozen, icy January night.

I can’t believe the temperature went up, but the weather went nuts.

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Sharing Sunday #1

 Hope everyone is having a great New Year!

I know we are on this frozen snowy day.

I  cannot believe how much we have accomplished in the last week and how free it makes me feel.

I decided Sunday would be a good time to share our “week in review” and my “goals” for the following week.

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