Controlling the Chaos Month 3 (Days 61-91)

Controlling the Chaos Months 3 & 4 Controlling the Kitchen

If you are just joining the “Controlling the Chaos” Challenge we want to say Welcome we are happy to have you with us.

If you have been with us for awhile and followed along from the beginning I want to offer you a great, big high five!

You have conquered your paper piles, taken control of your digital disasters, and are learning to maintain your success thus far.

Now we plan to begin controlling the chaos in our kitchens (we will focus on deep organizing next month after we know exactly what we are keeping and what space we have.)

Controlling the Chaos

Month 3

The Kitchen

(Days 61-91)

Day 61:  Tackle Your Monthly Checklist

Day 62:  Clear and Clean Off the Table and Chairs (Put items in their proper homes.   If they do not have one create one n-o-w.   This will save you a ton of headaches later when you stumble across the same “clutter” or “chaos” again.

Day 63:  Clear and clean the Bar or Island  (Once again PLEASE put items in their proper homes or create a proper home).

Day 64:  Clean and Clear ALL counters (Remove items that do not belong in the kitchen or on the counter-don’t worry about cleaning appliances and such we will tackle this on a later date.   Simply remove all unneeded unwanted items and put away properly.)

Day 65:  Clean and Clear the Outside of Your Refrigerator.  (This includes the top, handles, magnets, etc…  Once everything is removed evaluate and clean all returning items.  Are they useful?  Do you want or need them on the fridge?   Would they better serve your home elsewhere?   Do not return anything that doesn’t meet the requirements)

Day 66:  Tackle Your Weekly Checklist

Day 67:  Clean and Purge the Inside of the Fridge (We suggest emptying it completely.  Wiping it down then returning each item after careful evaluation).

Day 68:  Design and Plan Organization for your Fridge Storage (Now that you know what your fridge staples should be you can better plan the layout and storage in your fridge.)

Day 69:  Take action on your fridge organization plan.

Day 70:  Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator Freezer (Toss out or thaw and use any unidentifiable items, label and date all other items)

TIP:  Create an inventory to attach to the side of your fridge to remind you exactly what you have on hand.   Use a permanent marker to mark out items as they are used.)

Day 71:  Clean, Organize and Inventory Your “Other” Freezer/Fridge

Day 72:  Study & Create Organization for the Freezer

Day 73:  Tackle Your Weekly Checklist

Day 74:  Empty, Purge, & Clean the Cabinet or Space Above Your Fridge

Day 75:  Empty, Clean & Purge the Cabinet or Space Above Your Pantry

Day 76:  Empty, Clean & Purge the Cabinets Above the Stove

Day 77:  Empty, Clean & Purge the Upper Corner Cabinets

Day 78:  Empty, Clean & Purge the Cabinets Above and Beside the Sink

Day 79:  Declutter & Clean ABOVE Your Cabinets (Please do this safely with help).

Day 80:  Tackle Your Weekly Checklist

Day 81:  Empty, Purge and Clean Cabinets in Your Island or Bar

Day 82:  Empty, Clean and Purge the Pantry-Day 1

Day 83:   Empty, Clean and Purge the Pantry-Day 2

Day 84:  Empty, Clean & Purge the Lower Corner Cabinets

Day 85:  Take a rest, Celebrate or Catch-up

Day 86:  Tackle the Weekly Checklist

Day 87:  Take a Rest,  Catch-up, Search Pinterest, Etc…

Day 88:  Move and Clean the Dishwasher

Day 89:  Move and Clean the Stove/Oven

Day 90:  Move and Clean the Microwave and Toaster Oven

Day 91:  Move and Clean Your Small Appliances:  Mixer, Blender, Coffee Pot, Frappe Machine, Juicer,etc…

How did this list work for you?

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