12 Ways We Saved and Earned This Week

12 Ways We Saved and Earned This Week

This week’s “How We Saved and Earned” list may not seem very large compared to previous posts, but we are still implementing many of the things we shared before, such as draft dodgers, “Just Make DO Challenge“, aprons, leftovers, back to back baking, etc…   For a look back at those posts click here.

I also need to mention that we experienced a huge setback to our current emergency fund with the breakdown and repair of our furnace.  A story I share here.

12 Ways We Saved and Earned This Week

Ways We Saved

  • We made a point to log in each day and take advantage of the week long “Free Friday Downloads” from Kroger.  Below are the items we received.  They might not be items I would purchase, but for FREE, my hubby and daughters will enjoy them.  For more on how to get the most for your money at Kroger click here.

Kroger Friday Freebie Haul


  • We went shopping at our hometown consignment store, and I made my girls pay for their own purchases.  The clothing they wanted did not qualify as needs.
  • We used our email coupon for a Buy One Get One Blizzard from Dairy Queen that we received through their email fan clubYes, we would have saved a few dollars by NOT using it, but you need to treat yourself every once in a while so you don’t crave too many things.
  • Used items we already had, in our pantry, to feed guests at our fun Clever Container Party.
  • Re-purposed some of our organizational supplies to reorganize and straighten our shoes, scarves and closet spaces.
  • Had hubby toss a roast in the crock pot so we were not tempted to eat out on our way home from visiting family on Thursday- even though we arrived home quite late.


Ways We Earned

  • Helped my sister sign up for Ibotta.  I will receive a $5 bonus, and she will receive a $10 bonus as soon as she submits her first qualifying receipt.  Use this link and code included, and YOU can receive a $10 bonus too.
  • Uploaded receipts to Receipt Hog to receive coins for future gift cards. 
  • Answered surveys, daily questions, NOSOs, entered swag codes and conducted my online searches through SWAGBUCKS, to earn swagbucks, to exchange for gift cardsUse the attached link and referral code and I will receive a small compensation for referring you, and it will not affect your earnings in the least.
  • Signed my mom up for Walmart Savings Catcher.  I don’t save by doing this, but my mom certainly does, and it feels good to help others.
  • Signed into our Purina Pet Perks each day.
  • Purged our shoes and boots using the Konmari method and took everything that was still in great shape to our favorite hometown consignment store Back On The Rack Upscale Resale.  Even better, we sold a pair of boots within just a few hours Our profit from one pair is at least $14.  I wouldn’t have gotten $5 at our garage sale.  Winter boots just do not seem to sell when it is 95 degrees out.  Go figure.

WInter Shoe Purge For Resale

Side note:  I have to admit, my desire to save this week was seriously put to the test when I went shopping with my mom and kids for several hours at Walmart, BUT I stayed strong.  Knowing what our goal is and seeing it in black and white on our spreadsheets, helped me stay on track and say NONO to the clearance jewelry, food and clothing.  No to the 60 cents a pound turkeys.  No to the multiple pairs of PJ’s my daughter wanted.  I did suggest she could purchase her own. 

As a matter of fact, I have said no enough that my daughter has decided it is my new favorite word, BUT she understands why.

How did you save this week?

For additional savings tips (including several we used this week) check out the other posts in the Ways We Saved This Week series.

Thanks for stopping by, we certainly hope we were able to offer you some useful ideas.

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1 Comment

  • By Amber, September 2, 2016 @ 8:11 am

    Great savings!

    This week, I signed up for Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars and made about $25. I downloaded deals for Ibotta and Saving Star on my phone for this weekend’s grocery trip. We’re going to Sam’s club to stock up on meat, which is much cheaper than the grocery stores here. I also have coupons for a few things we need.

    I love getting good deals and saving money!

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