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Adorable Handmade Picket Shelf

Handmade Picket Bookshelf

Adorable Handmade Picket Shelf How-To

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Dual Sided Decorating Blocks

How many of you like to decorate for every holiday but do not have the space to store everything?

  These DIY dual sided decorating blocks are perfect for multiple uses and can be created for any combination of holidays.

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Handpainted Stepping Stone How-to

Want to create a one of a kind gift for a parent, friend or yourself?

This hand-painted stepping stone is perfect!

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How To Create Flowers From Repurposed Glass Dishes

Glass Flowers FB Square 2

Who hasn’t seen the cute flowers hanging out in local yards lately?

The ones this last year-round that are made from old (and new) dishes.

What a cool idea!  Of course, being the thrifty, crafty person I am I just had to try my hand at creating these things and I have to say it has had its ups and downs.

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Simple, Low Budget Pretty Pink Tulip Decor

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I don’t know about you but I like to be greeted with something bright and cheerful when I come home.  I like it to begin as soon as I pull into the driveway and continue as I walk down the sidewalk, up the steps and into the front door.

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Simple Spring Decor For Any Space

Spring Decor Ideas Facebook Square

Simple Spring Decor For Any Space

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Simple Tips For Decorating Your Cabinet Tops

Cabinet Decorating FB Square

The hard part is DONE- now comes the FUN!  DECORATING your cabinet tops.

For quick tips on deep cleaning your upper cabinets before decorating, click here.

Simple Tips For Decorating Your Cabinet Tops

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