Lawn & Garden Tool Organization Ideas

Lawn & Garden Tool Organization

9 imple, Low Budget Lawn & Garden Tool Organization Ideas

You should already have a plan in place for your yard & garden tool organization; if not this post will give you some great ideas.

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Purging Your Garage-Step By Step

Step By Step Guide TO Purging Your Garage

Great!  It is time to for purging  your garage!!!

You have an organization plan, right?

If not, click here for ideas.

Let’s begin by remembering that Rome was not built in a day.  If you have a garage that is so crowded with stuff you can barely walk through it, you need to remember to pace yourself and begin with the big, easy stuff to create room to work.

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Garage Planning & Organization

Garage Planning & Organization

Tips for Planning Your Garage Organization

“Changing one room, one day, one month, one project and one habit at a time.”

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Confessions of a Procrastinating Physically Challenged Hoarder

Confessions of a Procrastinating, Physically Challenged Hoarder and Her Plan to Get Control

 “Changing one room, one day, one month, one project and one habit at a time.”

That is my new motto.

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Welcome to Our Fall Tour 2014


Above the Microwave Fall 2014

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  It’s not too hot, not too cold, and who doesn’t love scarecrows?

I don’t generally decorate much for Halloween, but FALL is another story.

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3 Amazing Tools That Make Cleaning Easier



1.)  The Swiffer Dusters Extendable Handle 360 Starter Kit

Having 5 cats and 5 people living in our home (2 with nasty allergies) means I am constantly dusting.  I need to stay on top of the cat hair, dust, dirt and pollen, in order to breathe.  Throw in the fact I have some OCD tendencies and I dust every surface a minimum of once a week, if not more.  It makes these Swiffer dusters a huge time and energy saver. Read more »

The Great Purge of 2014-The Lazy Susan

Who doesn’t love a lazy susan?

Lazy Susan Before I know I do!

Confession:  I am the queen of procrastination.

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Adorable Handmade Picket Shelf

Handmade Picket Bookshelf

Adorable Handmade Picket Shelf How-To

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The Great Purge 2014-Small Space Kitchen Organization

Our Small Space Kitchen Organization


Today I thought I would share our small item kitchen organization.

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American Flag DIY

Paper American Flag Decorating Small Spaces

American Flag DIY

Perfect for small spaces.

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