Sharing Sunday #1

 Hope everyone is having a great New Year!

I know we are on this frozen snowy day.

I  cannot believe how much we have accomplished in the last week and how free it makes me feel.

I decided Sunday would be a good time to share our “week in review” and my “goals” for the following week.

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15 Unusual Uses For Your Odd Socks

Ever wonder what to do with your odd socks?

15 Unusual Uses For Your Odd Socks

Here are 15 Unusual Uses

Some fun, some funny and some hard work.  I hope you enjoy!

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Planning Our Master Bedroom & Closet Makeover for $100 or Less

 Planning Our Master Bedroom Makeover

Planning Our $100 Master Bedroom and Closet Makeover FB

I decided to to start 2015 right by reorganizing my master bedroom and closet.  We took a running, jumping leap and buried ourselves today.  I am not going to lie, we did a “dash and grab” to have clear photos.  “Dash and Grab” means we removed clutter and straightened shelves to make it “presentable” for these pictures.

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The Great Clothes Purge- 5 People, 5 Wardrobes in 2 Days

The GREAT Clothes Purge

5 Entire Wardrobes in 2 Days

The Great Clothes Purge Square

Okay, I confess, I began my “One Month, One Project, One Room” at a time just a little early.

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Take The Leap- Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Take The Leap

Take The Leap

As anyone in my family will tell you, I am not a big risk taker.  I do not make large purchases, investments or decisions without tons of pre-planning.  It takes me days to adjust to even the smallest change and my perfectionism requires things to be perfectly symmetrical, or I become the Grinch.

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Missing You This Year- Grandad

My “Text” To Grandad

Missing You This Year Square

This post is nothing fancy, just something I wrote this morning after having a breakdown in my car when my hubby asked me who I was texting.

I was texting my family in Florida, but I wanted to smart-off “Heaven, so I can talk to Grandad”.

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Fun JOY Block Tutorial


JOY Tutorial Collage

Simple JOY Block Tutorial

These blocks are a cinch to make and look fantastic on any mantel, desk or TV stand.

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How We Organized Our Outdoor Toys on A Zero Budget

How We Organized Our Outdoor Toys

On a Zero Budget

Warning these will not win me any awards but they are part of the system that is working great for us and it was absolutely FREE.

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DIY Bicycle Storage In Less Than 30 Minutes For Under $30

DIY Bicycle Storage In Less Than 30 Minutes For Under $30

Bicycle Storage FB

Bicycles have always been a major problem in our garage for many reasons, including the awkward size, number and the fact my son uses his regularly and needs quick, easy access.  He also needs to be able to easily put it away and keep it upright, or else it won’t happen.  Sound familiar?

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Make Your Own Yard Tool Organizer in 20 minutes for Under $20

Make Your Own Yard Tool Organizer

for $20 or Less

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