Secret Project Reveal – Project #2

Here it is!

Reveal number 2!

And I bet you can more or less guess what the final project might be BUT I am going to keep dragging out the final reveal.

To be honest the overall SECRET PROJECT is much farther along than this update shows but as I said I am only going to share one big project at a time.

This is the wall I was working on before:

Special Project #2 Area Before

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Our Secret Reveal: Project #1

I promised updates on the Secret Surprise Progress

(henceforth called the “Secret Reveal”)

This may not seem exciting to you but it is DEFINITELY exciting for me.

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I Can’t WAIT!

We've Got a Secret Sign

If you have been following along on Facebook you know we have a secret here at TT.

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Our Return and A Bit About Why We Were Gone

We’re Back!

I apologize for the lack of posts and technical complications the last few months.  It has been more than a bit hectic around here with health and computer issues (I broke my tablet completely during a set of tornado sirens).   I’m not going to go into details about the health issues but a glimpse of one day can be found HERE on my chronic illness blog.

The health issues aren’t going to go away but I believe I found a way to keep the blog up AND take care of our crazy life.

My husband has solved the technical issues and I am working on adjusting to a different tablet screen.

I have a plan for the next 4 months and have been working diligently on it.

I will be sharing a rough draft of it in the next post.

Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience and hope to share some inspiration beginning August 1st.

Stay tuned for more.

Sharing Sunday #6

Yep, it has been a REALLY slow week on Treasured Tidbits again this week and as I shared on our Facebook Page I will be reducing the number of posts shared here.

I will continue to share both holiday, seasonal and household crafts projects and a few updates on the changes in my home but I will not be following a regular schedule.

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Fun, Easy Dr. Pepper Flowers


Quick, Fun Dr. Pepper FLowers

These were a blast and so easy to make.

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Sharing Sunday #5 2015

Kitchen Valentine Decor

Hello again from frozen central Illinois.

We are currently covered in a shiny, white, winter wonderland and expect even more tomorrow.

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“God Is Love” Valentines Day Banner

I created this entire banner for less than $1 with scrap paper and a kit from Michael’s.

God IS Love Valentine Banner How To Photo

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Sharing Sunday #4 2015

Welcome to another Sharing Sunday at Treasured Tidbits.

We had a fairly busy week with sick kids, homeschooling, my own physical challenges and of course freezing weather so our posts were a little light this week.

We began with a fun, easy Valentine’s Day Project my youngest daughter and I made on Monday.

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Labeled Baskets (Finally!)

I did it!

I manage to label the closet baskets with pretty labels and I love it!

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