Featured Friday WAHM #4 Kimberly S.

Featured Friday WAHM #4

Kimberly S.


Kimberly S.

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Featured Friday #3 WAHM Jessica C.

Featured Friday #3 WAHM

Jessica C.

Featured Mompreneur

Jessica Clemens

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Featured Friday WAHM #2 Molly G.

Featured Friday WAHM #2

Molly G.


Molly G.


Amazon FBA / FBA Nomad Family

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25 Things We Hope To Find In Our New Home

Last week I shared The Top 7 Reasons We Want to Move, so this week I thought I would continue to keep it simple and share what we are looking for in our new home.

  1.  Easy Entry– Ground level would be perfect for my wheelchair days, but those have been few and far between, so one with an easily adaptable ramp entrance will probably have to suffice.
  2. Two bathrooms– minimum   Each needs to have room for my wheelchair, handicap accessories, and both a tub and stand up shower.  They need to be not only wide enough to use my chair when entering, but to turn around and move while inside.
  3. 3-4 Bedrooms on the main level, with room to use my wheelchair after furniture is in place.
  4. A second family room, sun room or work space so my daughter can do her school work and I can focus on digital work and crafting, without distractions.
  5. Large kitchen– The kitchen needs to be large enough for my wheelchair to maneuver around, open the oven or fridge and have room for a wheelchair height counter to be added.
  6. An open floor plan for easy wheelchair turns and maneuvering.
  7. Hardwood, laminate or tile floors throughout for easy cleaning, allergy reduction and of course, chair maneuverability.  We tried to visit so homes with carpet and it was actually painful to try and wheel myself around on it.  (For the average person in a chair, carpet might not present an issue, but with my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, my shoulders easily slip in and out, and rolling a wheelchair on q rough surface is a big trigger.)
  8. Two Car Garage with space large enough to add a wheelchair accessible ramp and easy vehicle access.
  9. Laundry on the main floor with wheelchair accessibility.
  10. Level floors.  I never realized how many houses have small step downs, door lips or rough transitions.
  11. Extra wide doorways for my wheelchair and walker.  This includes closets, bathrooms and pantries as well.
  12. Flat access to the yard, patio or deck.
  13. A large basement or additional area for hubby.
  14. No pine trees near the house or our outside entertainment area.  Allergies.
  15. Good sized pantry.

Bonus Requests

  1. Lots of natural lighting
  2. Clean, Clean, Clean
  3. Accessible, easy to maintain landscaping
  4. Island with power outlets
  5. No gold accents
  6. Newer Roof, Air Conditioning and Furnace
  7. Screen Doors or the option to add them.
  8. Trees offering shade near the porch, deck or patio.
  9. Space between houses
  10. Large driveway for guest parking.


So far, I am sorry to say we have not been able to find everything on our list.  Not in the right neighborhood or price range anyway.  At times, it has been disappointing to say the least, but we do have a strong contender that can be easily adapted to suit our needs and I plan to keep you updated with the search as it continues, including the good, the bad and the embarrassing.

Until then,






House Selling Disappointment #1 Finding the Positive After a Potential Buyer Says No

Yesterday I woke up feeling encouraged, positive, productive and expectant.

So positive, in fact, I began singing loudly while doing my morning chores, much to my children’s dismay.

I also announced that I expected to hear from our realtor at some point, and that I expected it to be good news.  Not sure what kind of news, but definitely good news.

That “encouraged” feeling stayed strong through the entire day despite pain, injury, arguments, bill paying, budget analyzing and wading through a mountain of growing hospital and medical bills.

And then…the text came.  The text I had been anticipating all day.  The text we hoped to see every time my phone goes off.  The text we hoped was the offer on our house.  Click here to continue reading the full post »

The Top 7 Reasons We Want to Move

Since making the decision to list our home and look for a new one, I have been deluged with the questions, the main one being


Why do you want to move?

What is wrong with your house?  It’s new.  It’s beautiful.  It’s maintained.  Etc, Etc, Etc.

They are right.  My home is gorgeous.  It’s new and I already live here, but it has begun to present me with some challenges that would be costly to change.  Because so many have asked this exact question, I have decided that today, I want to share those reasons.

The Top 7 Reasons We Want To Move

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Our 1st House Showing-Behind the Scenes


Let me just say, that for weeks, we have been preparing for this first house showing.  We actually listed our house days ago, took photos and had the realtor visit last Thursday, but today is the first day we were called for an official showing to a prospective buyer, with only a 2 hour notice!

Now, for some people a two hour notice before a house showing might be plenty of time, but for a woman who spends her time between a wheelchair, walker and recliner and two girls who struggle with their own physical challenges, two hours is a VERY short window.  Factor in the fact, we just sold 20 items on Ebay and had the boxes and packing supplies sitting in the main rooms waiting to be packed and shipped and that two hour window seemed even smaller.  They had to be transported down a ramp and into the garage to make the main rooms look clean and of course, “clutter free”.   It seemed almost impossible.  But, instead of saying “no” and losing the chance at a buyer, this crazy mama asked the realtor to push the showing back 30 minutes to allow us enough time to prep the house, remove the extra Ebay boxes and catch our six cats, before they arrived.

I have to say, We did it!  We got it prepped!  It was clean, decluttered, pet free and looked amazing for such short notice and our first house showing, but it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun.

Let me share just a few highlights of the “fun times” we encountered.

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Featured Friday WAHM #1 Pam H.

Week 1 Featured Friday Work at Home Mom Pam Howard

Featured Friday WAHM #1

Pam H.


Pam Howard

Business (es)

Young LivingEssential Oils

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25 Ways We Supplemented Our Income in 2016

25 Ways We Supplemented Our Income in 2016

25 Ways We Supplemented Our Income in 2016 and You Can too!

After reviewing our 2016 financial challenges and our 2017 goals, I realized that the only way we came out ahead in 2016 was by saving every way we could and supplementing our income by earning extra money, points and gift cards on the side.  These projects totaled over $3,000 total and inspired me to share a comprehensive list of how we supplemented our income in 2016 and maybe encourage you to supplement your income in 2017.

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Our 5 Big Goals For 2017- We are planning to make it amazing!!!

Our 5 Big Goals for 2017 and How We Plan To make it AMAZING!!!

Yep, folks we made it!

It is officially 2017, and I cannot wait to share the amazing things we have planned for 2017!!!

I have heard so many people say they couldn’t be happier that 2016 is over, and I can’t say I am not one of them.  2016 was full of ups and downs for those of us at Treasured Tidbits, not only financially but physically and emotionally as well.  But… we persevered and we are ready to CRUSH 2017 in both our businesses and personal life.

I have been looking forward to today for months. 

Today is the first day of a New Year, new chances and new business adventures.  Business adventures we have been planning, cultivating and diligently building for months.  I can’t wait to share them with you, but before we begin a 2017 overload, I want to share our main goals for 2017.  Notice, I don’t call them resolutions because to me resolutions are easily broken, but goals are something to be attained, something to aim for and can be put aside in a time of trouble to be restarted when that trial passes.  Our top five goals for 2017 are:

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