10+ Ways We Saved in May

10+ Ways We Saved in May

10 + Ways We Saved in May

To be honest we didn’t do a lot to save in May due to the injury in my back.  We chose to spend a little more to make things less stressful for all of us.  We didn’t go crazy with our spending, we just didn’t strive to save as much as we normally do.

In addition to the previous ways we saved, which we often repeat each month as “good practice,” we also made the following choices to help build our savings.

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The BIGGEST way we saved.  

Are you ready for this?

We didn’t go too many places.  Yep, staying home (and not shopping the internet) can save you a bundle.

In addition:

  • My family attended City Wide Yard Sales and picked up several items on their “wants” list along with a few extras.  Check out what they found here.

My Family Thought of Me. City Wide Sales

  • I noticed our paycheck was falling on the SAME day bills were due and adjusted to make those payments earlier so that we would not have any late fees if we forgot or something came up.  I actually create our budget at the beginning of each year but check it weekly to make changes as we add hospital bills, charges are adjusted or unexpected expenses arise (pets, guests, etc…).  You can read how I do that here.

A Comprehensive List Of ITems to Include In Your Yearly Budget (so you dont miss a thing)

  • Mapped our in town and out of town errands to get the most for our gas money and save the pain in my back.  Getting in and out of a vehicle was not any fun.
  • Used County Market Penny Pinchers.  You can read more on this here.
  • Asked for a discount on the USED Rhumba I purchased and saved plus the tax.

Rhumba Ways We Saved in May

OMG!  I love this thing and with 5 shedding cats and a damaged back it has been a godsend.
  • Met deadlines for reservations to avoid late fees.
  • Recycled printer paper:  We use the back of used paper for quick notes, scratch paper and practicing math.
  • Found the receipt for my daughter’s Beats that we scored for less than $100 from Target (before Christmas) so that we can sent them in for repair or replacement.

Beats Repair How We Saved in May

Note:  They were returned by the company in LESS than a week after sending in their box!!!  I call that customer service.
  • My hubby finally repaired the tub handle properly after I showed him exactly how much water the tub was dripping each day and explained what that meant to our water bill.  (He has tried kind of haphazardly for a few months now but didn’t go the extra mile to replace the part).  I expect the water bill to drop at least $20 or more a month.

Leaky Faucet Ways We Saved May

  • Used our “sports” support discount card when we celebrated selling our empty lot.  I could barely walk so we had take out but Hey!  We celebrated.

Discount Card How We Saved in May

  • Sold our empty lot that was left after our previous home burnt.  This will save us the cost of mowing, maintaining and taxes.  Yay!

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Monday Menu #8

Monday Menu:  Week 8

Monday Menu #8


Breakfast:  O.Y.O. (On your own)

Lunch:  Leftovers

Snack:  Taco Bell (Dr., vet and therapy meant we were on the road)

Supper:  Chicken Taco Bar (Used precooked chicken and hamburger from the freezer since I knew I would be tired from errands)


Breakfast:  O.Y.O.

Lunch:  Leftovers

Snack:  Cookies & Milkshake or Smoothie, Choice of Fruits

Supper:  Ham & Tater Tot Casserole, Green Beans (We didn’t have this last week due to a hospital adventure)


Breakfast:  French Toast, Grapes, Milk & O.J.

Lunch:  Homemade Tomato Soup (from freezer ingredients), Grilled Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Corn  & Milk

Snack:  Apples, Animal Cookies, Homemade Fruit Dip, Milk

Supper:  Homemade Chicken Soup, Corn Bread, Salad & Sandwiches


Breakfast:  Cereal or Oatmeal, Orange Juice & Choice of Fruit

Lunch:  Chicken Nuggets, Leftover soup, Cottage Cheese, Green Beans, Bread & Milk

Snack:  Animal Cookies, Fruit, Fruit Dip & Milk

Supper:  Potato Soup (with ham added to 2/3’s of it), Salad, Sandwiches, Kroger Bakery Thin Bread


Breakfast:  Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Milk, O.J., Grapes

Lunch:  Picnic @ the Park (We have 2 Dr. appointments out of town and 5 of us will be going)

Snack:  Taco Bell Happy Hour $1.00 Menu

Supper:  Leftovers (Clean out the Fridge)

Saturday & Sunday

Out of Town

Hoping hubby will grill for supper when we return (he isn’t going)

As I type this I know that we may be in the hospital all week with my youngest daughter but I am preplanning it anyway in hopes that we can be home.

Kroger Shopping Trip June Week 2



Wheat Bread $0.49

Whole Grain Bread $0.49

French Bakery Bread $0.49

Bakery Buns $0.69

3 Buttermilk White Bread $0.25 each

Beef Jerky $1.99


Aquafina Water


Lay’s Chips 2/$4.00

TOTAL with Tax: $8.99

Yes!  Bread was only $.50 and $.25.  We froze two loaves of the Buttermilk bread in 12 pcs portions and will use it for french toast in the future.

For great tips on how we save at Kroger click here.

ALdi's Week 2 June's Shopping Trip


Lettuce $1.29

2 Milks $1.59 each

Chicken Nuggets $3.79

Spicy Ranch Dressing $1.29

16 oz. Tomatoes $1.49

Tortillas $1.49

Carrots $1.19

Strawberries $1.29

Orange Juice $1.69

Cottage Cheese $2.29

Vanilla Wafers $1.29

Chocolate Syrup $1.49

TOTAL with Tax:  $21.99


2 Iced Animal Cookies $1.00 each

(We have been looking all over for these.)

In addition to the above purchases we will be buying 2 dozen farm fresh eggs, 2 sour creams, 1 Gallon of milk, 1 more bag shredded cheese, 2 Pepsis, 4 7 ups, 3 Gatorades and 3 Cases of Water.

This should total approximately: $40-$60 depending on where they are purchased.  Keeping this week’s cost at: $75-$95.

I can live with that.

As you can see this month was a very small spending week.  Our new goal is to spend $125 or less for groceries per week for our family of 4.5 (our babysitting girl is here 3 days a week and my teen son brings friends by a few days a week).  Last week I spent over the $125 in preparation for this week’s menu and because I had a little extra time.  You can read that post here.

How do you grocery shop?

Menu plan?

Please share your tips below.

Sharing Saturday Link Up

Due to the recent malware and website issues plus emergency issues with our daughter we have made the decisions to skip this week’s Sharing Saturday and work towards restoring and protecting our website.

We cannot wait to see what you have to share NEXT Saturday June 25th.

In the meantime we pray you are enjoying your summer.


This Week’s Grocery Trip (June 2016)

This Week's Grocery Shopping Trip June 2016

This Week’s Grocery Trip (June 2016)

After a review of last month’s budget and the addition of our babysitting job I decided to upgrade the monthly grocery budget to $125/week. That is for four and a half people with varying food intolerances and limited diets. (I say half because our guest is only here 3 days a week.)

This week we spent $167+ but many of the items will be consumed over the next few weeks and our supplies (detergent, deodorant, etc… are included in a separate budget category.)

Read more »

Monday Menu #7

Monday Menu Week #7

This week’s menu has things changed up a bit and features a link to our main shopping trips as well as some of the recipes we use on a regular basis.

Read more »

Sharing Saturday Link Up #24

Sharing Saturday Linkup #24

First, I must apologize for our absence online this past week.  The site was hacked with malware and had to be shut down temporarily but we are up and raring to go this week.

We can’t wait to hear what you have to share.

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Our Dresser Drawer Organization

Our Dresser Drawer Organization

As part of working toward “Controlling the Chaos” in our home, improving our bedroom on a zero budget and “simplifying” our home I have been downsizing our belongings.  I have also been discovering ways to make everyday activities (dressing, medications, laundry, etc…) easier.

This is the solution I found for our dresser drawers and so far it has worked great!  It may be a bit unconventional and certainly not something you will find at IKEA, Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, or even Kmart but it is what fits in my organizing budget.  My budget is ZERO.

I have read up on the Konmari method and studied Pinterest organizing ideas.  After all that I found out that what worked for me wasn’t really anything I read on those sites but something so basic and simple I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner.

I also discovered that removing EVERYTHING and returning ONLY the items I wanted and needed to those drawers has been very freeing.  We did a deep purge this past year and having that accomplished made this round 100x easier.  Less IS more when it comes to keeping things organized and easy to access.


My dresser and drawer layout can be found in our previous post here.

My dresser has two small drawers on each side and I have discovered these are great for containing the items we use daily so they are easy to reach but not cluttering my vision, mind and space.

These hold my allergy medications, vitamins, deodorant, keys, hand lotion, overflow OTC meds, etc…

About a year ago I discovered that heat pad boxes make excellent drawer dividers.  Just cut them to the specific height you need for each drawer or item and organize away.  Of course, if you like things pretty you can paint or cover them to create a pretty as well as practical organizer.

Dresser Drawer Organization Free Storage

My middle drawer has always presented a problem and I have tried to organize it at least a dozen ways.  THIS has been the best and most simple of solutions.

Dresser Drawer Organization-Middle Drawer

I took small totes, like these, I had emptied when downsizing last year and tried them in my center drawer.  These originally cost me less than $1.00 each and have been used in numerous areas of our home.

They fit perfectly!!!  Exactly the right height and width to stay securely in place.

I then divided my drawers into the categories below.

Dresser Drawer Organization- Middle

Yes, I did just share a photo of my unmentionables drawer.  Gasp!  In the past year I have had several inquires asking how I keep them organized and to be honest this simple system has worked perfectly.

I am even able to store my makeup bag and three pairs of sunglasses neatly in the center.

The middle layer of drawers are boring and simple “junk” clothes in one and jeans in the other.

The bottom drawers have always presented a problem since bending is a challenge for me, even on good days.  I decided to use this to my advantage use those drawers for seldom used items.

Dresser Drawer Organization

Pantyhose, Jamberry nails, extra makeup, nail polish, and odds n ends with spare sheet sets in the other.

Master Sheet Drawer for Organization

This really is our master sheet drawer.  We own two summer sets and one winter set (it is put away with the winter blankets in a labeled tote in our basement).

How do you organize your dresser?

Please leave any tips or questions in the comment section.

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Monday Menu Week #6

Monday Menu Week #6

This week’s menu is nothing exciting and almost all easy meals due to the fact I am struggling with some additional physical issues and trying to plan accordingly so that I can take care of my family but not use all my energy on cooking or cleaning up (which my husband definitely does more than his share of dishwasher loading and emptying, bless his heart.)

We are also having fun with a birthday and princess theme this week BUT I did not pre-plan our snacks because I want our babysitting girl to help choose some items.  I know we will be playing pin the crown on the princess, building a castle and other great princess projects which you can catch photos of on our Instagram account @ #treasuredtidbits.

I am sure you will notice below that the days we do not babysit we do not have a snack listed this is due to the fact we don’t necessarily eat a “family” snack on those days.  We try run our errands, schedule appointments and visit friends during that time.


   Breakfast:  Pancakes

   Lunch:  Sandwiches & Chips

   Supper:  Leftovers


   Breakfast:  Oatmeal with fruit and cinnamon (for those who got up in time)

   Lunch:  OYO

   Supper:  Pizza (I cannot cook tonight so we are going a easy as it gets.  Those who cant have pizza will have chicken in a salad.)


   Breakfast:  Smoothies

   Lunch:  Daughter’s Choice

   Snack:  Birthday cookies (daughter’s choice since she cannot swallow cake…we adapt!)

   Supper:  Daughter’s choice.  It is her 16th birthday!  I have appointments all day and she struggling with her health so she can choose to eat out or save it for another day.


   Breakfast:  Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Milk & Orange Juice

   Lunch:  Mac & Cheese, Hot Dogs, Cottage Cheese, Carrots (Salad with boiled eggs and chicken for those who cannot eat the main dishes)

   Snack:  Princess Sugar Cookies (we will make them)

   Supper:  Pasta, Salad, Cottage Cheese, Milk & Garlic Bread


   Breakfast:  Cereal, Fruit & Juice

   Lunch:  Pasta, Salad, Cottage Cheese, Milk & Garlic Bread

   Snack:  Peanut Butter, Apples, Marshmallows and Milk

   Supper:  Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Swiss (one daughter will have plain chicken), Green Beans, Baked Potatoes & Corn


   Breakfast:  Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Juice & Milk

   Lunch:  Sandwiches, Chips, Dip, Apples, Salad & Milk

   Snack:  Cookies & Milk

   Supper:  Taco Bar


ALL of it is OYO for family as I will be at a vendor event but below I share the snacks I will be taking for myself and why.


   Breakfast:  Pancakes (hubby makes these)

   Lunch:  Leftovers

   Supper:  Grilled Chicken Breast, Corn on the Cob, Deviled Eggs, Pasta Salad or Mac & Cheese Bake

Due to my food intolerances, heat intolerances, pain and physical struggles PLUS the fact I like to save money, I try to take my food and drinks whenever we travel and it almost always consists of the following items +/- depending on the season.

  • Boiled or deviled eggs
  • Cherry or grape tomatoes (helps with hydration)
  • Green grapes (helps with hydration)
  • Sliced cheese (protein, dairy)
  • Salt (mini shaker from Tupperware)
  • Chips
  • OJ
  • Water
  • Soda

If you notice all the items above can be eaten with your fingers and quickly wiped off with a baby wipe if a customer appears.  I do not have to worry about it getting cold or tipped of a plate.  I just grab it from one of our stackable Rubbermaid containers and snack away a little at a time.  It reduces the time I am away from my booth, encourages me to eat healthy and it is easy to transport in two small coolers (one for drinks and one for food).

What do you do for traveling or events?

How do you meal plan to save money?

Please share below.


Sharing Saturday Link Up #23

Sharing Saturday Linkup #23

Last week was an extremely slow week for posting here at Treasured due to health issues and conflicting family needs (For those that are new- we have the philosophy that family and kids come before blogging.  Yes, this means we are often inconsistent and will never make an income blogging but that is okay because we are content.)

A place where you can come to share and read everyday stories from everyday people and learn everything from new recipes to life tips and lots of things in between.

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(Sorry for the delay in posting we have been experiencing a few physical & technical difficulties)

Sharing Saturday Link up #23


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Controlling the Chaos Month 6

Controlling the Chaos Month 6 Coralling the Kids and Their Stuff


If you have been following along since the beginning you have managed to conquer your kitchen, paper, digital, garage and outdoor chaos in the past six months.

This month we are tackling the dreaded kid’s room (or guest room, if you don’t have children).  Now I must admit that I was unable to tackle most of last month’s checklist due to my back injury but we did make progress on it and that is all you can ask for.  P.R.O.G.R.E.S.S.

Controlling the Chaos Month 6

Day 153:  MONTHLY CHECKLIST– To find out why a monthly check list is important click here.

Day 154:  Assess the room– Yep, ASK them what the trouble areas are and make a checklist of what needs organized (yours may vary from ours)

Day 155:  Research and create a tentative organization plan.  I say tentative because you may find that something better works once you purge and can really see what you have left.

Day 156:  Outside Maintenance– I have found doing this weekly reduces overgrowth, pain and stress for our family.


Day 157:  Weekly Checklist (Click here.)

Day 158:  Declutter the floors

Day 159:  Declutter ALL visible surfaces (We did the floors first so you wouldn’t break your neck on stray legos.)

Day 160:  Clean out from under the beds and furniture.   Make sure it is ALL put away properly OR in a covered box labeled (find a home).

Day 161:  Try-On and Purge PJ’s, socks, undies, tights, etc…

Day 162:  Try on and Purge ALL Tops & Bottoms

Day 163:  Catch up on laundry (you know there was some in the room this week), wash the bedding and pillows.  Replace worn out mattress covers, pillow protectors, sheets, etc….


Day 165:  Try-on and Purge ALL Jackets (even those in the garage, car, coat closet, etc… you may be amazed at how many they ACTUALLY own).

Day 167: Try on and Purge ALL Belts, Suspenders, Shoes, Scarves, Hats and Accessories

Day 168:  Pull out any “grow into” clothes and try them on, purging as you go.

Day 169:  Take in any donations and consignment, mark rummage sale items, list Ebay, deliver any items you are giving to friends and family




Tip:  Magic Erasers are FANTASTIC for quick cleaning most dolls and plastic toys.  If they have small grooves and crevices a bit of Dawn with warm water in an ice cream bucket with a toothbrush works well too.

We usually simply have a small container for items that need to be cleaned and do so when we are done sorting.  (If quick swipe won’t do it.)

Day 172:  Purge and Sort Baby Dolls, Accessories and/or Cars

Day 173:  Purge Dress up Clothes or Costumes

Day 174:  Purge Barbie Dolls and Action Figures

Day 175:  Purge Barbie Doll/Action Figure Clothes and Accessories

Tip:  We keep a small container and put unmated shoes, socks, etc… in it and match them up every 6 months or so.  It is a great quiet activity and teaches good skills.  We all know that you will find a few more pieces as you tackle the rest of the room and other areas of the home.

Day 176:  Purge Barbie Furniture & Accessories

Day 177:  Purge & Clean Stuffed Animals

Tip 1:  Build A Bear Makes a Spray and Brush that makes spot removal easy BUT we have found you can do the same with a damp rag and soft brush.  

Tip 2:  A quick vacuum with the brush attachment can bring life to old toys and remove the often stale odor they may get.


Day 179:  Purge and Sort Toy Box

Tip:  By having the containers for the smaller items already organized you can quickly and easily put away (or add to the missing pieces box) the small items that “somehow” get put into the toy box.

Day 180:  Purge and Sort Coloring Books, Pages & Accessories

Day 181:  Purge and Clean Books

Day 182:  Purge and Clean Legos and Blocks

Please share your success, disasters and personal stories in the comments below.

Have any tips or tricks to share?

We love to to hear from you!

Feel free to join us in our private Facebook group.

“Clutter Overcomers”

to share stories, great ideas and receive encouragement from others.





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