12+ Simple Ways to Clear & Organize Your Kitchen Counter Today


12+ Simple Ways to Clear & Organize Your Kitchen Counter Today

I don’t know about your house, but ours could definitely use more counter space.  We have a large island, but we TRY (emphasis on TRY) to keep it clear to be used as a prep area, serving area and work space.  I must admit we do not always succeed, but we try.

When I took a poll recently the top three items people felt were cluttering their kitchen counters were

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Monday Menu #22

monday-menu-22Menu Monday #22

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5 Simple Ways to Control the Incoming Paper Monster


Welcome to Day #1 of the 30 Day Organizing Challenge

Today we are discovering ways to control the incoming paper monster.

Want to know what the 30 Day Organizing Challenge is?  Click here to discover the details and join us in this amazing life changing month.

Have you noticed that even with the digital age upon us we still have piles of paper landing on the counter, desk, side tables and who knows where else?  Many of those piles can be easily stopped with the quick easy steps we share today.

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Top 3 Reasons to Get Organized Today

Top 3 Reasons to Get Organized Today

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9 Month Goal Update- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

2016- 9-month-goal-update

Welcome to our 2016 Goal Update.  I chose to title this post, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” because that is EXACTLY what it is. Read more »

Zero Budget Scarecrow How-To



Today I want to introduce you to Front Porch Frank.  He is our newest Scarecrow and my new best friend.  He listens to my problems, doesn’t talk back and scares me every time I round the corner because I forget he’s there.  Yep, it is an entertaining sight for the neighbors I’m sure since I tend to be deep in thought and suddenly I am squealing and grabbing my heart because there is a man sitting on my front porch. This is where I confess Frank has been in the same chair, same location for well over 2 weeks so I should be used to his company, but those boots still surprise me every.single.time.
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Menu Monday #21 & Modified Taco Salad Recipe


Welcome to Menu Monday #21!  This week’s menu is chock full of soups, easy prep and my birthday dinner.  Yep, this lady turned the ripe old age of 43 today.  How did I spend it?  Blogging and doing laundry/housework and I LOVED it!!!  Yep, I do enjoying blogging when it is a fun subject like the scarecrow how-to I am sharing for workshop Wednesday and I also enjoy homemaking when it isn’t done in a rush or overly stressful.  Weird?  Maybe.  But it’s the truth.

I am not sharing a weekly shopping trip this week because I made the decision to only buy what we absolutely need to complete our menu.  And to be honest it won’t be much.  We grabbed Gatorades, Soda, Water & Milk over the weekend while they were on sale and I just don’t want to fill the fridge and cabinets before we begin Organized October (details to come). Read more »

Menu Monday #20 & Weekly Shopping Trip


Menu Monday #20

After a crazy week last week that ended with some serious menu adjustments, I am happy to say I believe this week should be fairly smooth sailing despite the virus some of us seem to have.  The jello is already made, menu is set and I am grabbing groceries later today.

I finally began using my Kindle Fire to keep lists on and the results have been AMAZING.  I will share more on why I like it so much soon.

This week isn’t expected to be super busy besides pet visits and babysitting, so I planned a few more time consuming meals full of comfort foods.  It isn’t quite fall temps but we are beginning to enjoy our fall foods anyway?  How about you?  Are you experiencing the exciting foods of fall?  Look for new recipes?  I know we are and I absolutely LOVE the cream cheese icing recipe we used last week.

Check out our Fall Food Pinterest Board and discover even more from warm, cozy drinks to delicious casseroles and desserts, I know we plan to.  Let us know which ones you enjoyed and which ones to avoid!!! Read more »

Monday Menu #19


Ever wonder what else could go wrong in a given week?

This has been one of those weeks for us and it has certainly played havoc on our menu planning and grocery budget.  It began with a family member misplacing our cash envelope system on Friday night.  Then a blown transformer unit on Saturday, resulting in a few hours of lost power and stressed teenagers.  Sunday added even more excitement, as my hubby was grilling 2 lbs of chicken and 2 lbs of hamburger, a big part of the week’s menu plan, when suddenly my girls were getting excited about “a fire”.  Hubby is always creating small grease fires on our propane grill so I didn’t even take a look UNTIL hubby came in to grab the fire extinguisher, and THEN yeah, I became a bit worried.  Thankfully, hubby put the fire out quickly but I didn’t feel it would be wise to feed our little family “grill de’ fire extinguisher” foam.  Needless to say, it was back to the drawing board for this week’s menu, starting with Sunday night.  Then Tuesday night I made a HUGE crock pot of  homemade “chicken pot pie” soup for my food intolerant girls, with the thought that they could eat leftovers during the week when we planned meals on their “no eating” list, BUT when I returned home I discovered  the leftovers were most definitely NOT going to last for even one meal.  THEN my daughter had another mast cell episode late last night and is still battling the effects, so today’s menu has been altered, yet again, to be homemade potato soup, something she can swallow.  

Why did  I share this with you?  Because many of you have asked if we always stick to the menu, and how we accommodate our various challenges each day.  No, we do not always stick to the menu because life changes everyday, but we do try to consume the meals listed sometime during that week in order to reduce food costs, food waste and our grocery budget.

Menu Monday #19


Snack:  O.Y.O.

Supper:  Sausage Gravy & Biscuits


Snack:  O.Y.O.

Supper:  Hodge Podge Chicken Soup, Biscuits & Cake



Snack:  Pumpkin Spice Muffins, Applesauce & Milk

Dinner:  Meatballs, Pasta, Garlic Bread, Salad & Cottage Cheese


Snack:  Sugar Cookies, Grapes & Apple Cider

Dinner:  Salad & Crepes w/ Chicken, Cheese, Green Onion & Tomatoes


Snack:  Crackers & Cheese  Picnic @ Park

Dinner:  Surprise


Snack:  Ice Cream

Dinner:  Potato Soup, Steaks on the Grill & Deviled Eggs


Breakfast:  Pancakes

Lunch:  Family

Snack:  Family

Dinner:  Family

I am excited to say we will be celebrating fall with our nieces and in-laws, so someone else is cooking.  I plan to bring a treat and of course, the often requested deviled eggs.

Breakfast this week will consist of the following choices: Eggo, scrambled eggs, english muffins, cereal or yogurt.  Hubby almost always has sausage, eggs and a bagel/English muffin/toast.

Lunch was expected to be leftovers, boiled eggs or sandwiches.


Even with the changes and food loss of Sunday night, we managed to keep our grocery cost to under $80 this week by using what we have and planning ahead.  How is your budget?

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