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Goals For 2016

Goals For 2016

Normally I am not one to set “goals” for the up coming year.  No “New Year Resolutions” for me.  I am simple.  I am boring, and most days I am just happy to putter along.  I make lists.  I make plans, but with life the way it is I don’t usually set goals and definitely don’t make resolutions.


THIS YEAR I am setting multiple goals; some will be hard and others will be easy.

I have decided it would be wise t0 share my goals for 2016 with everyone, ask them to motivate me and help me stay accountable.  (Yep, there is that word again.  You will see it a lot at Treasured Tidbits in 2016.)

I will be sharing updates on our goal progress, as well as sharing tips and pointers on how we are accomplishing some of them.  Such as saving $5,000-$10,000 while paying for two newly installed wood floors, paying off multiple medical bills, controlling the chaos we call paperwork and a house, and getting a handle on our health.

I hope that our ups and downs, tips, tricks, and mistakes may inspire you as well.

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Why I Wanted to Quit Blogging Burn EVERY Christmas Decoration, Craft Supply and Additional Décor I Own.

Quit BLogging and Burn

Yep, you heard that right!

I, Tina M., the calm, non-violent, love to create and decorate person I am was ready to BURN it ALL!.

What could lead to this extreme desire?

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Grandpa- A Poem for an Amazing Man

Grandpa Poem

I wrote this poem shortly before my grandfather’s anticipated passing and decided to share it on the one year anniversary of his death.  It doesn’t even begin to share the love, guidance and faith he provided our family with, but it did give me a way to vent my emotions during a trying time.  There isn’t a day goes by that Grandpa doesn’t come to mind, visit my dreams or whisper in my ear (not always so quietly).  He was a an important part of my life and left his mark on so many, in both our family and community.  I realize this is a bit off the path of my usual posts, but this post and poem were written for me and anyone who knew him and wants to remember him and the AMAZING man he was.

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Secret Project Reveal #3

Secret Reveal Project #3

My Favorite part yet.

Blank Pegboard Secret Reveal Project #3

Yes! We have pegboard.

Bright, Beautiful, White Pegboard.


And by now I imagine you have guessed what I intend to use it for.

Secret Reveal Project #3 Pegboard in Transition

You guessed it!


Only one problem.

Have you ever tried to organize a pegboard with random items when you have O.C.D.?

It isn’t easy.

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I Can’t WAIT!

We've Got a Secret Sign

If you have been following along on Facebook you know we have a secret here at TT.

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Sharing Sunday #6

Yep, it has been a REALLY slow week on Treasured Tidbits again this week and as I shared on our Facebook Page I will be reducing the number of posts shared here.

I will continue to share both holiday, seasonal and household crafts projects and a few updates on the changes in my home but I will not be following a regular schedule.

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A Room Full Of Memories

A Room Full Of Memories

Where do we display our smaller heritage items or memory collection?

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Take The Leap- Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Take The Leap

Take The Leap

As anyone in my family will tell you, I am not a big risk taker.  I do not make large purchases, investments or decisions without tons of pre-planning.  It takes me days to adjust to even the smallest change and my perfectionism requires things to be perfectly symmetrical, or I become the Grinch.

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Missing You This Year- Grandad

My “Text” To Grandad

Missing You This Year Square

This post is nothing fancy, just something I wrote this morning after having a breakdown in my car when my hubby asked me who I was texting.

I was texting my family in Florida, but I wanted to smart-off “Heaven, so I can talk to Grandad”.

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Surviving Life’s Ups and Downs

Yes, we are back FINALLY!

For those of you that don’t know-May was a very hard month for us.  We had a few highs and a lot of lows.

This post wont have any crafts, decorating or thrifty ideas; instead it will be very personal and share the changes that are coming to the blog as our life changes (hopefully in a BIG way).

The good news is, I got to know our insurance company and their support team better than I ever wanted between the fire in March and the car accident at the end of May (don’t worry besides bruises and aches everyone is ok).

Both of these occurrences were actually blessings in disguise.

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