Controlling the Chaos Challenge Day-Day 16-Your Vehicle

COntrolling the Chaos Day 16 CLean Out Your Vehicle

Controlling The Chaos Challenge-Day 16-Clean Out Your Vehicle

I know, I know it is probably quite cold outside BUT it NEEDS done, today.  (You may need some of the information from the papers later this week.)

I personally, thought I would only find a few odds and ends for the trash can in our vehicle glove box and storage areas.


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Just Make Do Challenge-Day 15-The Freezer

Today we are purging and organizing the freezer.

Just Make Do Challenge 2016 Day 15

Our freezer door Day 1 & Day 12


If you have been “Just Making Do”  for the past 14 days this process should be MUCH easier today than it was on Day One.

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Controlling the Chaos Challenge-Day 15-Clean Out Your Bags


Controlling the Chaos Challenge Your BagsYep, that’s it.

Today we are going to clean out our bags.

For some of us this will only take 10 minutes, for others, a few hours.

What bags should we clean out?

Purses, Diaper Bags, Brief Cases, Wallets, Backpacks, Etc…

Why are we cleaning out our bags during “Paper”month?

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Controlling the Chaos Challenge-Days 10-14

COntrolling the Chaos Challenge Days 10 to 14

Controlling the Chaos Challenge-Days 10-14

Apparently I have am MUCH farther behind (in posting) for this series than I anticipated.   I have been following my calendar but I have not been sharing with you and I apologize.

I can’t say our house has been chaotic.  It has actually been quite calm (and neat) but we have been struggling with more difficult than usual health issues, which of course effects, everything.   That, in addition to the all the projects I have going, plus internet issues has definitely set me back on posting this series but enough excuses, let’s get down to business.

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Just Make Do Challenge -Day 12, 13 & 14-Food Purge & Organization


DAY 12-Food Purge & Organization

Pantry Day 12 Just Make Do (2)

Alright, it is time.

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2016 Goals 10 Day Update

2016 Goals

10 Day Update

2016 gOal Update

Several of you have inquired about our “goals” for 2016 and if we are still on track.  I am thrilled to say, for the most part, YES WE ARE!!!

And here is a little update:

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Just Make Do-Get Organized

Just Make Do

Just Make Do Get Organized

Days 9, 10, 11, 12

Get Organized!

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26 Ways We Saved and Earned This Week & You Can Too

26 Ways We Saved & Earned This Week and You Can Too!26 Ways Week Saved and Earned This Week and You Can too

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Just Make Do-Days 6, 7 & 8-Tangible Results

Just Make Do

Days 6, 7 & 8

Tangible Results

Just Make DO Days 6,7, & 8 Tangible Results


Are you seeing the results of your journey?

I know we are.

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Controlling the Chaos-Sort, File, Shred, Scan and Organize Those Papers!

COntrolling the Chaos Daily Template

Sorting, filing, shredding and scanning is what we will be doing for days 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Yep, you read that right.

We are taking four days to sort, file, shred and scan our papers.  Remember you are to be creating, testing and labeling your new systems as you do this.

We are taking four days so that we have NO EXCUSES for not getting a handle on our paperwork before we present it to our families next week.

Still need inspiration?  Don’t be afraid to return to Controlling the Chaos-Day 5 for ideas and don’t put it all off until the last day.  The idea of taking four days is to remove the stress and be thorough in our processes.

My personal plan is going to work something like this (I hope):

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