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Controlling the Chaos-Day 5-Creating Systems That Work For You

Controlling the Chaos

Day 5

Creating Systems That Work For You

COntrolling the Chaos Day 5 Create Paper Systems

Today we are going to plan and possibly create paper systems that work for each of us individually.  Yes, I said systems, plural.  The goal isn’t just to create a filing system that you drop things in and forget about for months at a time, but a working, useful system for everything.

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Controlling The Chaos-Day 4- Gather Those Papers

Controlling the Chaos

Day 4- Gather those papers

COntrolling the Chaos Day 4 Gather Your Papers


Yep, you read that right.  Today you are simply gathering all your loose papers, magazines, previous calendars (wall and purse), receipts, artwork, etc…  I don’t mean the ones from 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.  I mean the ones laying around your house now.  The ones you had every intention of filing, paying, scanning,shredding, or using but never got around to last year.

We are going to tame the paper monster this week!  By the end of next week every paper will have a controlled, organized home the minute it comes in your front door.

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Just Make Do-Day 4

Just Make Do

Day 4

Just Make Do Day 4

Take the plunge.  Try something new.

Change up your menu and try that “exotic” food you bought six months ago.

Yep, I am talking about that specialty item you have never been able to pronounce and have NO idea what to do with.

Google it.   Dig out granny’s recipe books and see if it existed when she made granddad dinner at home every night.

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Controlling the Chaos-Day 3

Welcome to Controlling the Chaos-Day 3

Controlling the Chaos Day 3 Weekly Checklist

Today we begin the journey to not only decluttering and organizing but taking control and preventing the clutter, chaos, stress and disorganization each new week can bring.

How are we going to do that?

By creating a weekly checklist.

Sit down with yourself and other housemates and make a note of what items need to be completed on a weekly basis.

We recently implemented the checklist below and we love having it.

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Just Make Do-Day 3

Welcome to Just Make Do-Day 3

How is your family coping with the “Just Make Do” concept?

Ours is already struggling!

Just Make Do Day 3

I honestly didn’t expect to struggle with “Just Make Do-January” until at least week two but we have already had a few comments from my teens and hubby.

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Control the Chaos-Day 2

Controlling the Chaos Day 2 Clear the ChristmasYesterday, we decluttered, tackled laundry and dishes and found the inspiration to start our year “in control”.

Now it is time to remove and pack up any Christmas items you may still have out including outdoor lights, trees, garland, kitchen supplies, wrapping paper, etc …

Note:  If you live in Central Illinois you may need to bring all of your outdoor items in and let them dry completely and check them to be certain they still work.  (Experience speaking here).

Please remember to start the year off right by labeling and documenting ALL totes.  (Post it notes and tape work well for this.)

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Just Make Do-Day 2

Just Make Do

Day 2

Creating a Menu

Just Make Do Day 2

Today we put your inventory list to use by creating a menu.

Never created a menu?   Now is a great time to start.

To be honest the first week should be fairly easy (it may become a wee bit more challenging as we consume the easy to use items in our pantries this week).

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Controlling the Chaos-Day 1-“Zoning”

This is it!Controlling the Clutter Day Recovering From the Holidays

The first day of our journey to Controlling the Chaos.

I imagine many of you are still tired and worn down from last night’s celebrating and the long holiday.  (I am still recovering from a biopsy two days ago and a nasty bug for weeks before that).

If you are like me, you may still need to put away some of the holiday decor or clean up after house guests and THAT, my dears, is what we are going to focus on today.

I mean why try to “organize” when the laundry, dishes and stuff are piled up?

It is kind of like trying to put out a fire consuming your kitchen by working in the garage.

Am I right?

Today we are going to start the year off right and declutter, straighten or as we call it “zone” our homes.

What does this mean?

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Just Make Do January-Day 1

Just Make Do January Day 1 InventoryThis is it!

The first day of our journey to better living, better food and better finances.

To start “Just Make Do January” we need to take stock.

How detailed you are in this is up to you.

We chose to be very thorough and clean and inventory every food cabinet, fridge and freezer as well as every cleaning supply, first aid item, then health and beauty bottle.

(I was feeling motivated).

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Control The Chaos-January Schedule

Controlling the Chaos Month 1 The Paperwork Monster

This is it!

2016 is finally upon us and it is time to dig in and Control the Chaos.

Because paper is the nemesis of millions of homes, my own included, paper is where we chose to start. If we can control the paper we have and get control of the paper coming in, so much more of our lives would be less chaotic.

We will have less missed appointments, last minute or day late birthday wishes, over due bills or missed out deals.  All of these will create less stress over all.

Below you will find the “Control the Chaos” January schedule both a printable version and an online version.

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